A small internet service provider provides affordable broadband to rural residents and businesses in Cheshire County

Brian Foucher, owner and founder of a small Internet service provider called Wi Valley, says that that's simply not enough for our future Internet demands. "We have to think to the future and what sort of Internet demands we will have in ten or twenty years", says Foucher. "If we want to grow high-quality jobs in the region, people need the ability to telecommute, transfer large data files, and communicate with others via two-way video". To do all that, 3 Mb per second is not enough. Plus, we need to think about upload speed and not just download speed if people want to do things like take online courses.

Because getting access to faster Internet is cost prohibitive for many in the state, a number of providers are working to provide faster speeds (5-10 Mb per second up and down) and at lower costs by tapping into a new high-speed fiber network built by NH Fastroads, a public-private partnership that is capable of delivering speeds from 5 Mb per second to 100 Mb per second. And they are utilizing new technologies that enable the transfer of large amounts of data wirelessly.