The speed test information that you provide will be used to map current broadband availability and plan for future broadband expansion in NH. By running the speed test, you understand that broadband access characteristics at your location may be displayed on public maps.

If you're unable to conduct the speed test due to being on dial-up or satellite, or your system does not have Flash player, please feel free to share your story and information through our survey or email us directly using our contact form.  If you have any questions regarding the speed test, please see our frequently asked questions or contact the program directly.


Your current location's street, city, state and zipcode must be entered in order to run the speed test

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Speed Testing

Q. Why does your speed test show download / upload speed lower than other sites like

A. The results you receive from any speed test tool may vary greatly and you could see speeds ranging anywhere between 3-15 Mbps from your advertised speed at any given time of the day. This is due to the volume of traffic on the network, the age of the lines your service is running over, along with the variability of your own equipment (router, computer, etc.).

Using various speed test tools available on the web to test the speed might result in different speeds (higher or lower) as their systems may be on the network infrastructure as your service provider and as such you might receive higher results than that of the NHBMPP. Also for-your-information, all providers request that any speed tests conducted to test their network use their servers on their network to test the speeds out. They will always request a direct connection to their modems due to variability of the routers and any other equipment that might be connected.

The NH Broadband Mapping & Planning Program’s speed test is used as a barometer of speed available across a provider’s infrastructure and that which is reported to be available from the provider. The results are used to “paint a picture” of availability and allows for the verification of the service reported to be available.

Q. What is the window that appeared over the speed test tool?

A. The window is a normal "debugging" message. You can close that by refreshing the page or clearing your cache.