Carroll and Coos County Residents Consult Medical Professionals via Video

Residents of some parts of the state that do not have easy access to hospitals or other medical facilities with Psychiatric support – including parts of Carroll and Coos County – now have access to experts through a telehealth network maintained by Northern Human Services. Using two-way interactive video, which can be a live feed from one’s desktop or videoconferencing system, patients can now get consultation from experts and specialists who often provide diagnosis and make recommendations on next level of care needed.

This remote diagnosis wouldn’t be possible without the video equipment maintained by Northern Human Services, and equally important, the high speed access that has expanded to health institutions and residents in the region.

Consultation with mental health professionals through telepsychiatry networks has given Northern Human Services clients and staff access to resources from NH DHHS Behavioral Health, NH Hospital and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, most specifically regular access to a Child Psychiatrist because there are none in rural Coos County.