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Broadband Internet: Promote your Business

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Grow your Business's Presence

Through car navigation systems and smartphones - Use GPS to drive customers to your door!

Accurate Information

Accurate directions & information for customers who already know you

(e.g. - How do I get to ABC Company? What is ABC Company's phone number? Hours?)
Accidental Discovery

Accidental discovery by potential customers who are nearby you

(e.g. - I want X product, what company is nearby that has that? How do I contact them?)
Effective Advertising

Effective, targeted advertisements drive traffic to the actual point of transaction - you!

(e.g. In a hiking app, your store might appear as a place to buy food.)

Why Update Your Info?

Keep your business competitive

Smartphone Users in the U.S.

The Rise of the Smartphone

  • Smartphones have become the way over 100 million Americans access the internet
  • People search for information and make decisions using smartphones while traveling and from day-to-day while home
  • How do potential customers find you on their smartphones?
  • How does your website look on a mobile device?

How to Update your Info

Improve your business's visibility by spending 15 minutes each month

Utilize a variety of Location-Based Service Providers to enhance your presence

  • Make sure potential customers can find you and be guided directly to your door. Learn More
  • Take control of your map listings, ensuring the information is up-to-date and useful. Learn More
  • List your business in multiple databases - not everyone (or every app) uses Google Maps! Learn More
  • No need to list your business in every database, but make sure to hit the most important. Learn More


Gather all info in an organized location!

Optimize your Presence

Make your business's website work for your customers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • How do you get your site discovered?
    • Popularity
    • Rankings
    • Traffic
    • Tags
  • Are you Optimized? Talk to a SEM specialist for more on what you can do

Mobile Web

  • Are you Optimized?
    • Mobile sites lead to mobile purchases
    • If your site is not optimized for a mobile device, visitors will go elsewhere
    • A bad mobile visit can harm a company's brand
  • Talk to a web designer about optimizing your site for the mobile experience

Writing for the Web

  • What do your customers need to know?
  • Do you have short chunks of text w/headers?
  • Would you stay on you own site?
  • Are you using the "don't make me think" approach?


How do you compare with fellow Granite Staters?

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Learn more and take action to bring broadband to your area

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