Nov 18 2014

A team of researchers has come one step closer to showing that broadband is an engine for growth in rural U.S. communities, especially when a large segment of the population adopts the technology. Their findings are among the first to provide evidence to support a long-held assumption that rural economies are boosted by broadband.

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Jul 10 2014

New Hampshire holds the title to many “firsts” in the nation. It boasts the first presidential primary. The first American to travel in space, Alan Shepard, hailed from Derry. Of the 13 original colonies, New Hampshire was first to declare its independence from England, a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed. In the 1930s, New Hampshire led the nation in the number of electrified farms. By 1935, New Hampshire had more wired farms than any other state, including farm-rich California. Despite this, in rural parts of New Hampshire and the rest of the nation, electricity was not widespread.

That would soon change. And Cooperative Extension would be a driving force behind the change.

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