Meet the Technical Assistance & Training Team

The content for these learning modules was developed by Broadband Technical Assistance and Training Team, which provides educational outreach and technical assistance to communities, small businesses, and local economic development practitioners to help them expand access to and better utilize high speed internet. Our team members include:

Shane Bradt: As Extension Specialist in Geospatial Technologies, Shane provides educational outreach on geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning system (GPS), and remote sensing. He also helps businesses utilize geospatial technologies through programs like as “Putting your Business on the Digital Map”. Contact:

Molly Donovan: Molly, UNH Cooperative Extension’s Community Development Specialist, builds communities capacity in the areas of planning, neighborhood revitalization, and economic development. She also helps New Hampshire communities plan for broadband and build partnerships to increase access and utilization. Contact:

Charlie French: As Leader of UNH Cooperative Extension's Community and Economic Development Program, Charlie’s work is focused on building the capacity of civic leaders to engage stakeholders in community and economic development projects and activities. In this capacity, he helps communities realize the potential that broadband has for improving people’s quality life and the economy of the state. Contact:

George Fryburg: With three decades of information technology experience in the corporate sector, George brings his technology background to bear on helping New Hampshire institutions share information and resources via technology. As Director of ConnectNH—an affordable, interactive videoconferencing network available across the state—George helps institutions, such as hospitals, deliver services to rural clients via video. Contact:

Andre Garron: As UNH Cooperative Extension’s Economic Development Specialist, Andre provides economic development assistance to municipalities, economic development practitioners, and businesses. He also teaches communities how to use the internet to promote their economic development assets, such as vacant properties and available lands. Contact: